• Released: February 22, 2023
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I wrote the main theme of ANGELS on Mother's Day in 2019: it was an immediate inspiration, a simple melody to which the ternary meter gave a lulling quality, a "tender little improvisation for my strong mother," as I wrote in posting it. Instinctively I went back to this note when I felt the need to dedicate a piece to doctors, nurses and more generally to all those who in those difficult months of 2020 were putting their lives at the service of the community: and it was no accident to use that theme, because a mother, at least on an ideal level, embodies the deepest sense of caring for others. ANGELS seemed to me the most appropriate title, or at least it perfectly represented my feelings about that. Then a significant synchronicity occurred: just before releasing the video with the first performance as usual, I realized that I had unfortunately forgotten to focus the shot. At first, I was a little discouraged, because at that point I would have had to postpone the new recording until the next day. But then, that blurred image in front of me made me think that there were other angels to whom I wanted to dedicate this sixth chapter of my diary of a quarantine - that's what I called it at the time: the many people who didn't make it and who often had to spend their last hours in hospitals without the comfort of their loved ones. ANGELS, which began as a tribute to my mother, had transformed, first honoring those who had generously given themselves to others, then paying my last respects to those who were no longer with us

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