Does it cost anything to build a page?

Nope. It’s Free...build away! The real question is…what does it cost you to “not” build a page?

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As an artist I already have a myspace, facebook, cdbaby, and other pages that I keep updated. Why build a SoloPiano.com Page?

Cool! As you should!.....There are several pages out there that you can update your info. However, not very many of them focus on a “specific” genre or type of music. Here at SoloPiano.com, people will know that you are a part of the solo piano community. In addition, people that love solo piano music will know where to go to get that music. Give yourself the chance to grow your listening audience!

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I'm a piano lover, do I need to build a listener profile?

If you listen to our Artists frequently, we would love to have you join as a listener. This is free of charge, and most importantly having your own profile gives you the opportunity to not only rank albums that you like directly and leave comments on your favorite musicians, in most cases, you can also contact your favorite artists directly through their SoloPiano.com Page!

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I'm having some troubles with signing on and other things...what can I do?

No worries, just contact us through our contact form. This is a website, so there will always be a glitch here and there;)

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I'm from another country, what can I do to better understand what's on this site?

First off, welcome! Secondly, you will see a translation link on the upper right corner of the homepage. Just click on that and your respective language, and you should be able to find one that best suits your needs.

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Do I need to be a solo piano artist to start an artist page?

Quick Answer…Yes! Long Answer…In order to build an “Artist” page you must be an actual piano artist. What does this mean? If you record, perform, or publish music that is “just” piano music you are certainly good to go. However, if you have a violin, cello, or perhaps even some instrumentation in the background on some of your songs that continue to “feature” the piano as the main instrument, you are still good to go. Again, the piano should be the main instrument in your collaboration. Now, if you consistently have “duet songs” than you should re-consider if an artist page is for you. For example, if every other song on your album is piano/vocal, or piano/flute, then a solo piano artist page is probably not the best fit. It’s never safe to disqualify an album without hearing it, however ask yourself a question….Are you comfortable with having the words “solo piano” on a CD cover? Can you market your music as solo piano or a piano album? That would be a good pulse check….The artist pages are for the promotion of the solo piano artist. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us. You cannot build a page as the name of a business, organization, or website. It must be an actual artist page. If it is perceived that the page you are building is not an artist page, it will be removed.

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What happens if I decide to build an artist page and you find out I am not a solo piano artist?

You will be removed.

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I see "/" marks on my profile page everytime I update it or use "quotation marks". How can I remove them?

This is an easy fix. Simply copy and paste what you want in your profile into a standard “Notepad” application. This is a very standard application that is on most computers. From the notepad application, copy and paste the text into your bio or profile box, and the slashes should be removed.

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How do I "rate" an album and how does it work?

Rating albums are fun, and a GREAT way to let others know about a good solo piano album. Anyone who signs up as a listener or artist can rate an album. This rating system is meant for fans, artists, and listeners who really enjoy a certain album or want to speak to its creativity. There are a couple important things to remember on our ratings system:

1) There will be allowed one rating per album, per listener.

2) Artists should not rate their own albums.

3) If we suspect multiple accounts being used for the same rating, they will be removed. We have the right to remove any ratings at anytime per our discretion.

Artists love to receive ratings, so support and comment on their albums!!

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I would love to submit my music for one of your playlists, how do I do that?

Awesome! Please read our submission guidelines on this page. It goes into detail, but should answer all of your questions!

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