The Longest Night

Paolo Cognetti

Genres: Contemporary & Modern

The Longest Night
  • Released: March 1, 2023
  • 1 track(s)

ANGELS' connection to the themes of death and illness left a deep mark on me. In the meantime, the lockdown continued, and the daily bulletins continued with their grisly tally of victims and the sick, a dark kaleidoscope of information confusingly overlapping one another, loosening relations with reality, already weakened by weeks of lockdowns. It was as if everyone was out of breath, literally in hospital wards, and symbolically for those who were stuck at home in what seemed like an eternity. This is the atmosphere of THE LONGEST NIGHT, a song akin, almost a twin, both in themes and in some musical characteristics, to THE WAITING: at first there is like a sunset, represented by drops of sound moving downward from the high register of the instrument; then darkness takes over and everything loses its recognizability, we hear only time passing by with its somewhat indifferent pacing; at times we grasp a certain beauty, in the darkness the images of dreams come to life, and the silence allows us to listen to a world very different from the world of daylight; our gaze then turns to the stars with increasing persistence, and it comforts us to draw with them gradually larger figures while knowing that they are small constructions of meaning that belong to us alone; but it is only a moment, and we remain waiting for the dawn.

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