Spring Will Come

Paolo Cognetti

Genres: Contemporary & Modern

Spring Will Come
  • Released: February 1, 2023
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The experience had with THE WAITING, with its boredom and frustration points toward the achievement of an auroral new awareness: SPRING WILL COME, spring will come. Four variations of an echoing theme evoke the passing of the seasons-spring, summer, fall and winter, not necessarily in that order-their interconnection, their cyclical nature. The symbolism, without too much subtlety, expresses the certainty that, however negative a period in our lives may have been, it will pass. There is no escaping the wheel of time, and while it may seem frightening to us at times, it actually assures us that every ending represents nothing but a new beginning, inviting us to embrace change and look beyond the difficulties to a springtime of light, rebirth, and regeneration. SPRING WILL COME does not use magniloquent rhetoric and with its simplicity reminds us how crucial it is to value what is truly meaningful to us and what makes life worth living, without caring about superficial commonplaces that risk imprisoning us in a suffocating and unattainable ought-to-be and whose only effect is to make us feel constantly inadequate. In this sense, SPRING WILL COME is also a reminder not to forget the importance of the present, the here and now, to appreciate what we have and to enjoy the moments we spend with the people we love. Sometimes, however trivial, a sunrise or a sunset, the peacefulness of a walk or a child who stops crying is all it takes to make us happy. Let us look to the future with confidence, believe in ourselves, make sense of our lives with courage and determination! 

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