Matthew Mayer

Matthew Mayer founded SoloPiano™ in 2000. It’s original purpose was to promote his 1999 debut solo piano CD “Crossing the Bridge.” The domain name quickly attracted other solo piano artists that wanted to feature their albums, and so it started….Growing from attraction rather than promotion, started as a one CD website. It has now has grown to be the home of over 300 Solo Piano Artists from around the world. From Grammy® Winning Artists, to debut albums….welcome to!

Mayer has an MBA from the University of South Dakota. In 2001, he co-created and instructed a new course at U.S.D. called “The Business of Music.” He began work after college at NBC’s Television Show, Access Hollywood in Burbank, CA. Mayer has produced 11 solo piano CDs and performs internationally. He was 1 of the 5 Jury members on the 1st Annual International Piano Series Compilation, sponsored by Blue Spiral Records. He is a Gabriel Award Recipient from his contribution to Austin, Texas’ Mary’s Touch Radio Program, Telly Award Recipient, and a 2017 Whisperings Album of the Year Nominee. Mayer continues to perform, compose, and drink coffee. He resides in Omaha, NE.