• Released: October 23, 2020
  • 14 track(s)

“The composer and pianist Antonija Pacek brings us an album of minimalistic piano songs, where her classical and pop influences are illuminated amid a very soulful execution that touches on the spectrum of human emotion. “Sofia” starts the listen with Pacek’s sublime keys in a stirring setting of divine beauty, and this continues to the flowing melodies of “If Only Time Allowed”, as well as the introspective spirit of “Gone Young”.

The middle of the album offers us the calm, elegant “Almost Goodbye”, while “Deep Red” moves lightly with much agility alongside some jazz qualities that leave an indelible impression. Further on, “Wanna Dance” recruits a hypnotic quality as Pacek gets a bit more firm with her delivery, and she exits on the live “Before The Storm”, where her careful and gorgeous song craft resonates warmth and timelessness.

This is Pacek’s 4th album, and while a listen entirely of just piano might be resigned to background music for less capable hands, Forever often carries a captivating romantic spirit and an exceptional performance that will have you hanging on every note.” Take Effect Reviews USA

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