Seasons of Life

Antonija Pacek

Genres: Contemporary & Modern

Seasons of Life
  • Released: February 18, 2022
  • 11 plus 3 bonus tracks track(s)

“‘Seasons of Life’, the new, intimate and introspective record by Croatian composer and pianist Antonija Pacek. Her sweet, otherworldly and delicate style evolves even more in this new album, also crossing the timbre of other musical instruments, such as the oboe or the strings, which enrich the sweet melodic lines composed by Pacek, giving it new light. Compositions such as “Lost”, “Rain Drops” or “Life Is…”, “Lost and Found”, “Sadness” follow each other, creating suggestions and intense emotions that land in the depths of everyone, gently caressing the soul through sweet harmonies and inspired melodies. In their simplicity, melodies succeed to create beauty. They are musical “whispers”, now nostalgic and melancholic, now sunny, which guide us, through light thoughts, towards unusual, soothing emotions. The album is to be listened to in an intimate, almost secret way, following the melodic lines that lightly accompany us to new and ethereal shores of the imagination.” Kathodik Magazine Italy

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