SnowLight (A Christmas Memory)

Lynn Tredeau

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Christmas & Holiday

SnowLight (A Christmas Memory)
  • Released: September 14, 2015
  • 14 track(s)

—This album SnowLight, is a collection of beloved Christmas Carols. It has twists and turns of original music interwoven with well recognized melodies.
—- “SnowLight” is the title track on the album and is an original composition. It paints the vision of a Christmas tree decorated in plain white lights that is a pure seasonal symbol.
—- Track six, another original, is “Colors of a Winter Night”. This piece brings to mind the beautiful spectrum of the northern lights on a crisp cold evening.
—- A “Child’s Christmas Prayer” is track eight on the album. There are things a child wants for Christmas that Santa can not fulfill. These are requests that can only be made through prayer.
—- Track eleven, “Pines Dressed in Winter”, brings back memories of a quiet walk in the woods proved to be one of the more popular songs from the album Echoes of Life.

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