Lynn Tredeau

Lynn Tredeau

Melba, Idaho

   Lynn Tredeau is an Idaho based Composer/Solo Piano artist. Many of her creations are centered around the journey of life. Kathy Parsons (Mainly Piano) wrote, “Many of her pieces have a quiet hymn-like quality.” Steve Sheppard (OWMR in the UK) recently said, “She has a style that is gentle and artistically clever.” Dana Wright (New Age Music Reviews) noted, “The art of sharing emotion through music has to be one of this artist’s greatest talents….” 

   She has received much recognition since her debut in 2015, most recently she won 2018 & 2019 Best Solo Piano Album at Zone Music Reporter. Her Christmas album SnowLight (A Christmas Memory) won Best Holiday Album 2016 at Enlightened Piano Radio. She has also been nominated for the People’s Choice Award on OWMR, Best New Artist on Enlightened Piano Radio and multiple nominations for Album of the Year & Best Solo Piano Album.
   Her music can be heard on Whispering Solo Piano Radio, Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify & many radio stations around the globe.

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