PianoPoetry Resonances

Valentina Colonna

Genres: Contemporary & Modern

PianoPoetry Resonances

PIANOPOETRY.RESONANCES, the debut album by Valentina Colonna, features 10 original piano pieces and 2 piano soundtracks of poems recited by the author herself. The PIANOPOETRY project is the result of several years of experimentation by the pianist-poet, in a journey of exploration involving both piano and poetry, merging the poetry of the piano with the music of poetry: a work based on drawing inspiration from one art form to another, and which has been staged in literary and musical spaces. This creatively beautiful dimension is the outcome of the artist’s particular eclecticism, as she becomes the author and performer of her own piano-poetic resonances. This album, serving as the project’s first record release, presents itself as a voyage into musical resonance and imagination, thanks to pieces with high evocative power and poetic words that accompany the listener. Indeed, it is the Resonances, the echoes of the piano’s harmonics and poetic words, that characterize this record, which, despite its absolute originality, falls within the realm of modern classical piano.

The album was premiered at the Tercer Coloquio Internacional de Poesía y Filosofía (Mexico), broadcasted on the prestigious YouTube channel of the Fondo de Cultura Económica (FCE).

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