The Blue Horizon: Suite #1 - The Awakening

Richard Goldsworthy

Genres: Other

The Blue Horizon: Suite #1 - The Awakening
  • Released: July 21, 2023
  • 7 track(s)

Welcome to the first section - the first "suite" - of my new album The Blue Horizon, the first collection of original music I've released since 2021. This album is coming to you in 3 parts...

Suite 1 - The Awakening
Suite 2 - The Experience (which will feature music I wrote recently in the Simpson Desert in Outback Australia. Due November 2023)
and Suite 3 - The Knowing (Released in 2024)

From the conception of an idea ("The Awakening" and "Origination") to the still and precious moment before it comes into being ("Prelude: Before the Light") to the sacred ceremony on Coolum Beach that inspired "Dawn Awakening", these pieces represent my musical and emotional evolution over the last few months. Then add the  profoundly beautiful moment that created "In the Gentle Arms of Love", the quest to find calm within chaos ("The Stillness Within the Storm") and the arrival at a new place of sanctuary ("A Calm Sea") and Suite #1 is complete.

And as with every album, every musical adventure, I feel I've learned as much as I've created. I've learned it's about finding the joy in evolution, in uncertainty and in spontaneity. It's about the journey as much as the destination, and most of all, it's about doing it all with Love.

Thanks for listening!


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