Beyond Boundaries
  • Released: October 28, 2022
  • #Early Morning #Aufbruch #Remember #Tenderness #Snow Drift #Storma Days #Waves are coming in #Beyond Boundaries #Footprints #Night and Stars #Springtide #Ocean Voices track(s)

"Beyond Boundaries"

12 musical soul journeys ...

Music to get to you…

2020/21 were two very difficult years for me. In the first lockdown, I was still carried away by the fighting spirit and the belief that the nightmare would be over quickly. But when the second standstill came at the end of 2020, I fell into a deep hole. I took this full stop as a sign from the universe that my mission to send my music out into the world was probably an illusion. I let go of everything and was able to relax deeply for the first time in months… And then something magical happened: Out of the silence in me, sounds suddenly emerged - musical ideas that called me back to the piano. I was able to hold and comfort myself with these melodies, and I understood this new creative thrust as a clear call to get going again.

"Beyond Boundaries" describes the moment of liberation when suddenly all obstacles are overcome - when you take off and fly! This album reflects my development and the ups and downs of the last two Corona years and is the third milestone on my musical path.

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