• Released: September 22, 2017
  • 10 track(s)

Shadows is the fifth studio album released by the Italian Pianist and Composer Andrea Carri, the first one written together with Francesco Camminati and published with Memory Recordings.

The main theme of the album is an introspective reflection about music, inspiration and emotions and how they become songs. In particular, imagine a musician who writes his tracks inside a warm room, where there are only a few lights and shadows all around.
This album is about what the two artists discovered inside their shadows.

The album was produced by Andrea Carri & Francesco Camminati.

Music by Andrea Carri

Andrea Carri - Grand Piano, synths & effects;
rancesco Camminati - Drums, drum machine, percussion & synth;
Roberto Porpora - Bass & effects;
Perry Frank - Electric guitars and synth pedals;
Jacopo Cavalli - Violin;
Emanuele Milani - Cello;
Bianca Lazzeroni - Flute;
Birds - Spring effects.

Recorded by Andrea Carri & Roberto Porpora at Chronos Studio, The Box & Porpora Studio.
Additional recordings by Marco Usai at Marco Usai recording studio.
Mixed and mastered by Roberto Porpora at Porpora Studio.

Artwork by Andrea Carri
Cover and drawings by Anna Maria Pia Pettolino.

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