Andrea Carri

Andrea Carri


About me:
I’m 23 years old and I have played the Piano since 6 years old; everytime I’m on a stage I feel at home.
Passion for music started from my parents who have made me grow with bread and Genesis and at the age of six, instead of giving me the Lego, they gave me my first “Bontempi”. Love Starts.
Playing live is fresh air for my lungs, vital and indispensable.

Passions and influences:
I have played Futsal for 4 years, trained youth football team and swim. Now I’m playing tennis and amateur cycling.
I studied at the scientific lyceum, I’m graduated in “Civil and environmental engineering” and now I’m studying “Engineering for Environment and Territory”.
I love books, in particular Stephen King (“Different Season”, “The green mile”, “Shining”), Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Ring”, Italian classics like “Il fu Mattia Pascal”, “La coscienza di Zeno”, but also the english “The lord of the flies”. I like Dan Brown, in particular “Angels & Demons”.
I love “Star Wars” saga, the “Lord of the ring” trilogy and action movies in general.
I love to travel around the world and as soon as i could, i always run away to disparate places, which collect flags and magnets.
I collect car models, formula 1 in particular, and compact disc.
I’m a great fan of Ferrari and juventus.

My musical influences/tastes are far reaching and to name just a few:
Genesis, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Ludovico Einaudi, Yiruma, Alter Bridge, Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, Cristiano de Andre’, Fabrizio de Andre’, Francesco Guccini, Luciano Ligabue, Davide Van de Sfroos, Coldplay, Deep Purple, Adele.

I started playing piano at the age of 6, at the “Musicamica” music school of Campegine (RE).
From January 2003 to May 2011 I have been playing with “Until the Morning”; with this band I made various contest, in particular we won a local contest for singer (June 2006), we arrive third at “Music Day” of Bagnolo in Piano (RE), we did the semi-final of “Sanremorock” (2008) and we reach the regional final of “Emergenza Music Festival” (June 2009).
With “Until the Morning” I recorded the EP “Irraggiungibile”.
From September 2008 to October 2010 I have been playing in the pop band “Marygang”.
From October 2008 to May 2009 I have been playing with the progressive metal band “Desert Storm”.
From March 2009 to March 2011 I have been playing pop songs of Cristian Righi.
In March 2010 I started playing the piano in the acoustic band “Onde Acustiche”; we published in June 2011 our first record called “Live in Studio”. Our website is
In July 2011 I began the keyboard player of “Goodbye Seventies”, an 80’s tribute band. Our website is .
I have been composed Piano Solo since February 2009; in that year I did my first EP called “Quasar”.
In November 2010 I did my first official piano solo released called “Partire”.
Video of “Via dei Georgofili” is on the official website of the familiar of victims of the massacre of Georgofili.
“Ieri” appears on Federica Troisi’s short film, presented at the European Photography 2011.
Some tracks are used by Paola Pittalis as a soundtrack of her poems.
“La nostra stagione” compares in the video promo of “Atelier Stolzenburg”, a german store.
In April 2012 I realized my second piano solo work called “Stanze Segrete”, in which you could find the song “Hearts and Souls”, written for Fukushima Children and their future, as requested me with an e-mail from Japan.
“Come si cambia” became the soundtrack of video both of Paola Pittalis and Atelier Stolzenburg, which also uses the song
“Un’ altra canzone per te”.
In May 2012 I participate at “Piano City”, an important events which took place in Milan, with more tham 200 concerts of
pianist all around the city.
In May 2013 I publish “Metamorfosi”,my third work, funded by my fans with MusicRaiser.
In May 2013 I participate at the new edition of the “Piano City” in Milan

To be continued…

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