Secret Beach, The Album

Barbara Graff

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Classical

Secret Beach, The Album
  • Released: February 9, 2022
  • eight track(s)

Imagine yourself searching for the perfect beach to relax and enjoy sunshine and beautiful scenery…then you arrive upon a beach no one else knows about, your very own “Secret Beach.”

You will find this idyllic serenity and scenery is all yours when you listen to Barbara Graff’s composition,“Secret Beach.” Enter this mysterious, breathtaking beach shrouded in mist. Before long, the mist will turn to sun and your day will be complete. You will hear the atmosphere change as the composition turns from intrigue to pure joy and relaxation…

Along with Secret Beach, Barbara’s new album features several uplifting piano solos that will calm, soothe and revive your soul and your outlook. The album opens with the uplifting composition, “Sunrise.” Next, we hear “Carolina”, a breathtaking, gentle, and exquisite solo. The third track, “Hope Springs,” begins with a
mysterious aura and finishes with a light, spirit-lifting vibe. “Inspiration” joins us from the “Beginnings” album, featuring a piano-solo only version of the previously piano plus instrumental song. This version of “Inspiration” is for those artists and stations that requested this popular song sans other instrumentation for their
solo piano playlists.

The album closes with two bonus tracks. First, an instrumental
version of Barbara’s new Indie Electronica single with a mysterious, ambient New Age vibe: “Sweet Eclipse.” The album finishes with a vocal version of “Sweet Eclipse.” Barbara wrote the song when inspiration struck her after viewing a lunar eclipse on a cold, wintry night. Barbara’s song “In the Moonlight,” featured on this album, was also born from Barbara’s fascination with the blood-red lunar phenomenon that lit the sky that same evening. (The lyrics are not included for the “In the Moonlight” arrangement on this album).

Barbara is an award-winning pianist and composer. Her music is played on Pandora Radio, Enlightened Piano Radio and several prestigious piano and new age radio stations. Her previous album,
“Beginnings,” was nominated for “Best Piano album with instrumentation” by two radio stations, in the Zone Music Reporter Top 60, and in the Top 20 among several stations. She is also a prolific and published songwriter with placements in television shows, with Nashville artists and in a musical.

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