• Released: July 16, 2021
  • 8 track(s)

·      Tiger Turn Records announces Luz, a new solo piano release by 3-time Latin Grammy nominee Jovino Santos Neto, a Brazilian pianist and composer renowned for his collaboration with the legendary Hermeto Pascoal and for his eclectic and sensitive style, blending the languages of jazz, classical and Brazilian in a seamless intuitive flow.

·      The music on this recording was created spontaneously in one session on a Fazioli F278 grand piano. Jovino expands each piece with heartfelt improvisations, as the stream of musical consciousness was brilliantly captured, allowing his musical intuition to blend with the dynamic responsiveness of one of the best instruments in the world.

·      The material ranges from Jovino’s original pieces to Hermeto’s tone poems to the Beatles’ Blackbird, played with abandon without ever straying from the harmonic and melodic depth of Brazil.

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