Wind Chimes

Greg Maroney

Genres: Contemporary & Modern

Wind Chimes
  • Released: June 10, 2005
  • 14 track(s)

At our farmhouse in central Pennsylvania hang many wind chimes.  From long, deep-timbered wood chimes to tinkly, quick-sounding metal chimes.  Each day, they are hanging in the same place, yet each day, they sound different.  The direction of the wind, its velocity, the thickness of the air, my mood, all contribute to how I hear the ever-changing combinations and layers of sound. 

And so it is with the music.  One day, a set of chord progressions will lead to a sweet, melodic interpretation.  At another sitting, the same set may be melancholy – with layers of minor harmonies and explorations of the bass keys.  A simple fragment of a melody may take off in an entirely new direction as I recall a different scene or emotion that gives it a new color and path.  Some of these fragments appear in more than one song, but each travels through its unique combination of patterns, layers and direction and ultimately, the exploration of the song’s spirit. 

And as always, the circle of fifths brings me back to Linda – my companion, friend and wife.

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