October Wind
  • Released: November 5, 2005
  • 14 track(s)

If you like George Winston, Chopin, and David Nevue, you'll like this CD too. With strong, flowing melodies, clear form, and just the right balance of passion and delicacy, each song is a unique journey to a gorgeous landscape of color and emotion.

Genre: New Age: Neo-Classical
Release Date: 2005

1. October Wind 2:50

2. Truth 4:37

3. The Rhythm of Snow 3:54

4. New Leaf 4:49

5. Perseids 3:46

6. Think 4:31

7. Regatta 3:40

8. Reunion 3:36

9. Dancing With Unseen Friends 4:13

10. Periwinkle Blue 3:21

11. Blessing Bowl 3:09

12. A Starfish Serenade 2:46

13. Embrace 4:11

Rebecca Oswald's solo piano pieces have been enjoyed by audiences spanning the globe, in concert and on her recordings. Here, on "October Wind," you will find a sweet collection of original solo piano works that will lighten your heart and soothe your soul. These songs without words range from thoughtful and introspective to shining and exuberant. Perhaps they will speak to your heart, mind, or spirit. Melodies and harmonies can take one on untold marvelous journeys! The final piece on this CD, "Your Hands," is an art song, sung by tenor Peter Hollens. His stellar voice brings its beautiful text to life. It is a love song to a practical woman. The lyrical, soaring melody provides the musical framework around which the accompaniment dances.

Track 7, "Regatta." was nominated for a Just Plain Folks song award in the Solo Piano category.

IndieAcoustic selected track 10, "Periwinkle Blue," as one of its 2005 Songs of Note, calling it "one of the best songs of 2005."

Brett Campbell of the Eugene Weekly describes this CD as "lush, neo-romantic...Fans of George Winston and his kin should check this out."

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