• Released: November 19, 2005
  • 12 track(s)

Review by Kathy Parsons:

Pianist/composer Scott D. Davis has been referred to as "the rocker of new age/contemporary classical music" for a couple of years now. When fellow pianist/composer David Nevue introduced Davis as such at a Whisperings Solo Piano Radio concert something resonated within him. He had been urged for years to record an album of recognizable cover music, but he resisted, preferring to record his own original material. Somehow, Nevue's introduction freed Davis to return to the music that helped shape his energetic performing style and to create solo piano arrangements of some of his favorites. It's a wide-ranging collection spanning thirty-two years of rock and metal music from 1971's "Stairway to Heaven" (Led Zeppelin) to 2003's "My Immortal" (Evanescence). Davis stays true to the spirit of the originals, and yet makes them his own. Actually, there is one piece on the album that is newer than 2003 - Davis' own "Scherzo." Most of the twelve tracks are intense and rather dark - no bubble-gum teeny-bopper stuff here - so it's obviously geared for a more mature audience. Even though I can remember just some of the words to the oldies that I grew up with and wasn't familiar with the more recent hits, I thoroughly enjoy this album. There should be at least one song here that just about anyone can say, "Oooh! I love that song!"

"Rockfluence" opens with "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses, a song full of rock-style tenderness and love. "Hotel California" is given a full almost-eight minute treatment that is very true to the original. "My Immortal" by Evanescence is a quieter slow-dance ballad that Davis fills with passion. "Nothing Else Matters" from Metallica is dark and very intense - a beautiful arrangement! I couldn't quite imagine "Stairway to Heaven" as a piano solo, but it works well! I really like the mystery and drive of "Wanted Dead or Alive" from Bon Jovi. "Open Arms" from Journey is one of my favorite songs from the early '80's, and Davis keeps it warm and loving - also a great arrangement! Another favorite is Europe's "The Final Countdown," a powerful, emotionally charged song with a gorgeous melody. Billy Idol's "White Wedding" really rocks, leading up to the closing track, Davis' own "Scherzo," a musical term that means "joke." I first heard this impressive piece in a live setting, and it really makes people sit up and take notice! Davis' fingers fly all over the piano with the various themes of the piece, which range from slow and almost sedate to a wild and crazy romp that makes me think of chase scenes in old movies. "Scherzo" clearly demonstrates Scott Davis' playing chops as well as his musical sense of humor. Fun!

"Rockfluence" is truly a musical good time, showing what these rock classics sound like stripped down to one instrument and no vocals. Good stuff! It is available from,, and

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