Romance Piano & Love

Gary Farr

Genres: Jazz & Latin

Romance Piano & Love
  • Released: December 31, 2008
  • 18 track(s)
Of all the recordings I’ve produced and played on through the years, I haven’t released a solo piano recording since 1977, which was my first ever, titled “The First” and it was pressed on vinyl before CD’s or digital downloads ever existed. So 30+ years later, here I am putting together a collection of my favorite romantic love songs along with six originals of my own. Most of these are classic jazzy tunes and love songs that were written by some of the most well-known composers; Rodgers and Hart, Hammerstein, Porter, Lennon and McCartney, to name a few.
When I was asked to create a Solo Piano channel for radio back in early 2007, I came to realize that I had very few ‘solo’ piano track recordings of my own that I could add to my playlist.
During the process of programming the now successful Solo Piano Channel which averages over 2000 listeners per day, it inspired me to start recording some of my own favorite piano pieces. Some of these pieces were recorded on my baby grand Kawai using my good ole 8 track Tascam analog machine to capture the warmth and harmonics of the baby grand. The other tracks were done in my studio played on a Kurweil PC-88 connected to a Gigastudio Bosendorfer piano sample, a rich and ‘in your face’ digital sound. I hope you enjoy the music and share it with someone you love.

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