Gary Farr

Genres: Classical, Other

  • Released: January 27, 2015
  • 35 track(s)
Farrago - A confused mixture, a mixed bag.
"Farrago is a collection of compositions and recordings started in 2012 and continued into 2014. Of these pieces, 90% were written for music placement in films, TV, commercials, online ads and other multi-media formats. Some of the works started out being only one or two minutes. I went back into the studio, took the basic ideas and elaborated on them, turning a two minute piece into five or ten minutes. There is a combination of jazz, classical, New Age, funk, dance, chill and a few other genres of music, all created from the piano and keyboards. I'm boldly putting it out there with the concept that not all music lovers like to hear hours of the same genre of music all the time. Farrago is the perfect title for this mixed bag and a nice play on my last name too. I hope you enjoy my labor of love. And as a free download bonus, I've added my piano version of A Variation on Downton Abbey Theme" ~ Gary
Farrago is ideal for music supervisors looking to license music.

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