Roger Evernden

Roger Evernden


British composer, musician and ambient pianist known for distinctive solo work.

“My grandparents had a lovely old upright piano - with a fascinating history. The piano was on-board a Cunard liner in the early 20th century. During a storm it slid across the room crashing into a wall and cracking the piano frame! My grandfather bought the piano despite being told it was impossible to repair. He was an engineer, and after adding a sturdy bracket and several solid bolts the piano took pride of place in their front room - the best room in the house. I was fascinated by this piano, and took every opportunity as a young child to play it. “

These early music explorations provided seeds for a lifetime playing and composing. In the 1960s and 70s, influenced by bands and composers such as The Beatles and Brian Eno, he experimented with ambient sounds, modified instruments, tape recorders, and composition forms, and in the 1970s composed with VCS3 synthesizers at Goldsmiths Electronic Music Studio in London.

During the 70s & 80s he played and wrote songs with bands including Capital Chaps and Watch My Lips.

The solo piano albums have a unique melodic blend of classical, new age, jazz, and improvisation:

- Rainbows Of Hope (2020)
- The Unfolding Of Wings (2020)
- Nocturnes (2019)
- The Innocence Of Spring (2018)
- The Journey We All Make (2016)
- Improvation (2014)

The new age album Glebe {1990) was re-released in 2015.

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