• 2022 - plans for the year

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    ‚Äč2022 feels different from the last two pandemic ridden years - I'm hoping for a degree of liberation and freedom!

    I've been making plans for the coming year, and have several exciting projects I'd like to share:

    - I will continue to release new material, probably not as much as previous years because I'm determined to focus on spectacular new compositions. There are several tracks planned for release with Yellow Rose Records. I'm very excited to have become part of their team in 2021.

    - I'm working on some new collaborative piano compositions. It seems that a lot of the new work out there is for solo piano, but I wanted to create some new duets, jointly written with some of the best pianist / composers around today. I've already got some takers, but if this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch.

    - In the Spring I shall be releasing a new album which will include singles that came out in 2021 and some new ones from 2022. Watch this space!

    Thank you for listening!


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