Advent & Christmas (Solo Piano Variations)

Gerald Krampl

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Classical, Christmas & Holiday

Advent & Christmas (Solo Piano Variations)
  • Released: November 4, 2019
  • 19 track(s)

This double album offers on the first album (track 1 - 10) my own solo piano variations of clearely defined, traditional Advent songs, and on the second album (track 11 - 19) my favorite selection of clearely defined Christmas songs!

I have been sticking here to the original procedure of the church liturgy, which makes a clear distinction between songs for the Advent time, longing for the birth of the Messia, and songs for the Christmas time, which in fact starts on Dec. 24th. and cheerishes the birth of Jesus.

For me it was interesting to feel and
interpret these two slightly different moods in the songs, though in the end I feel the beauty of these timeless melodies gives the freedom to hear these songs at every time you want, especially in these pure solo piano versions!