Son Binocle

Guilherme Veroneze

Genres: Classical

Son Binocle
  • Released: December 10, 2021
  • 4 track(s)

​In this EP, Guilherme explores the interpreter side of piano repertoire, presenting four songs that are part of the work of French composer Erik Satie. This will be Guilherme’s first EP with interpretations by another pianist and the third EP of the pianist, released by Collaborative Records label, from England.

Despite the distance in time (Satie lived between 1866-1925), Guilherme considers the French composer’s music very current and proof of this is its inclusion in several soundtracks for films and series. “Of the classical pianists, I think Satie’s music is one of the most influential in my compositions. Because of that, I’m going to present my interpretations of a small part of his work”, comments Veroneze.

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