It’s a Good Life

Louis Landon

Genres: Classical, Jazz & Latin

It’s a Good Life
  • Released: September 17, 2021
  • 13 track(s)

"I feel like this album sums up my life and my current attitude towards it. I live in gratitude and realize that every day above ground is a miracle. I like to say that I suffered for 58 years and the last 11 years have been off-the-charts amazing! I have my third and final Christmas album coming out in November and one more album recorded for 2022 that is more jazz oriented. After that, quien sabe? (who knows?) That jazz album will be my 43rd album. I might be retiring. We shall see what’s meant to be."

It's a Good Life was recorded at the Peace Palace Sedona, AZ on a Steinway B on May 13th to 22nd, 2021

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Music mastering Michael McDonald, Syntharts, Eugene, OR
CD design by Louis Landon - Photo by Christine Cole

All music produced, arranged, composed & performed by Louis Landon

All music published by Landon Creative, Inc. BMI

Louis Landon is a Steinway Artist.