Medieval Odyssey: The Lady and the Knight

Claude Caron

Genres: Contemporary & Modern

Medieval Odyssey: The Lady and the Knight
  • Released: December 11, 2019
  • 1 track(s)

This piece of music is the romantic odyssey of a beautiful lady and her valiant knight. After a brief introduction into the past, the first part introduces the main musical theme and thus “set the medieval scene” of this piece. The second part gently explores the romantic relationship between the two lovers. The third and last part illustrates fatality, the knight having to leave to combat; we then explore variants of the main theme, and a gradual return to the present with a positive finale.

The famous painting “Godspeed” by British artist Edmund Leighton (1852-1922) is a good illustration of this concertino. It shows the lady who sets the traditional scarf on the knight’s arm, just before his departure, to return him safe and sound after the great battle.