In the Soft Light of Grace

David Nevue

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Classical

In the Soft Light of Grace
  • Released: May 14, 2019
  • 13 track(s)

In The Soft Light of Grace is a collection of contemplative solo piano pieces to inspire prayerful rest for weary souls. After the success of his previous album, Winding Down, David put immense pressure on himself to do even more… to raise the bar again. However, after years spent burning the candle at both ends, David was worn out, restless and fighting increasing bouts of vertigo - the music just wasn’t happening. David came to realize his only way forward was to STOP STRIVING… and so he did. He stopped trying to be “musically clever” and learned, once again, to just rest at the piano. Once he stopped trying and started trusting, the music began to flow, easily - like a peaceful river carrying him deep into the soft light of grace.