The Piano
  • Released: October 9, 2011
  • 10 track(s)

The first track on this excellent album became a favourite from my very first listen. Chad studied Classical piano all the way through high-school, so perhaps it is no surprise that he pays homage to various greats on this album, beginning with Johann Sebastian Bach. Preludium in C Major delivers a gorgeous opening to the CD. The clarity of the notes is as pure as the country air, and the crystal-clear sound resonating from the piano is testament to the top-notch recording facilities at Joe Bongiorno's Piano-Haven recording studio.

The piece is incredibly beautiful and highly melodic. Nocturne in A-Minor is a tribute to the great work of Chopin. Fans of Ludovico Einaudi will adore this piece, with its gentle opening; the piece unfurling like a pure wildflower fluttering in the Spring breeze, as a passing couple enjoy their romantic stroll. Around three minutes into the piece, the tempo slows almost to a halt- a stolen kiss perhaps, where time momentarily stands still, before a flurry of notes as pulses are set a-racing. And what an exquisite ending- perfection with the ivories as far as this reviewer is concerned. I wandered Lonely as a Cloud is an obvious reference to the great writer William Wordsworth, who described in verse scenes just minutes away from where I type this review. As I listen to the uplifting, inspiring melody which ensues, I can visualise the golden daffodils dancing in the refreshing breeze. Note-perfect, Chad's third track is as graceful as they come. Rest Now Weary Soul is a tribute to the late, great Amy Winehouse, who died in 2011 at a tragically young age. Melancholy, and yet achingly beautiful, I am sure the singer would approve. Chad captures the vocal prowess of Amy through his touching and tender choice of notes- a complete contrast in musical styles, but with the common bond of talent. Chad, intentionally or otherwise, also manages to convey a sense of waste- this stunning singer had her life ahead of her, and perhaps her best was yet to come. The opening bars of the album's fifth track, Dance You Pretty , put me in festive mode for a moment, as they reminded me of The First Noel . However, that soon changed as the piece got going, developing into another melodic masterpiece. As I listen, I visualise a young ballerina gracefully moving across the stage, with delicate jumps, and angelic twists and turns. It's Pyotr Tchaikovsky's turn in track six, with Swan Lake , but this is very much Chad's own composition. Relaxing and unrushed- this is perfect chill-out music.

Spa owners take note! This particular swan is in no hurry, as it effortlessly glides along the crystal-clear water, ripples gently resonating from its side, as Earth's greatest gift sparkles like a thousand jewels in the Summer sun. Chopin is the inspiration behind the album's seventh track, the very lovely Ballade in C-Minor . It is very classical in form and yet still highly accessible. A --Stephen Cairns - Piano Haven (UK)

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