To Be Free

Gary Farr

Genres: Other

To Be Free
  • Released: December 31, 2005
  • 14 track(s)
This is the second of two CD's containing beautiful piano and orchestral sounds by composer and pianist Gary Farr. This CD is a continuation of compositions of his original CD "The Gentle Awakening" inspired from the spiritual readings of "A Course in Miracles".
Dr. Sorah Dubitsky, Author, teacher, healer quotes, "Gary Farr's music soothes my soul and brings me to a state of peace so deep that I can hear the Voice of God assuring me that all is well. I'm uplifted above the storms of life. Even after listening for only a few minutes I feel renewed, energized, strengthened and inspired."
Gary has performed his solo piano works for charities and spiritual organizations across the US. The serene music touches the hearts and souls of the true inner self. Through music, he has been able to express peace and love. Several tracks from this CD have already been placed in TV and film. The music is relaxing, calming and can easily put you in a state of meditation.
Gary quotes, "Be love, give love and Love will find you. Anything short of love is time prolonged".

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