Seoul, Korea

Sooji Jung is a composer, solo piano artist and meditation teacher.

She has been studying mind body connections and teaching meditation for more than 15 years. She also has been playing and improvising on the piano from an early age. Her healing spirit melts in all her albums with the beautiful piano sounds. All of the published songs are originally composed and played by Sooji Jung.
She has taken two 4-days music workshops with David Lanz, a world renowned new age pianist. The title song of her first official album “Life” came directly from her improvising on a piano in the first attended workshop in 2013. David Lanz puts his remark on her album as“Listening to Sooji’s clear and elegant piano is like spending time sitting by a beautiful river in motion…peaceful… yet always flowing.”

As his favorable remark, her music resembles nature, where your mind lands and rests as you follow her piano sounds. In a hectic and complicated modern life, her music draws people’s attention and touches their hearts for healing. Not only as a meditation specialist, but a piano artist, Sooji Jung is looking to reach out to the global market.

She graduated from Yonsei University, Department of Korean Language and Literature. She received her master’s degree in Integrative Holistic Health at Leslie University in USA. She managed her healing yoga center in Boston, USA for eight years while experimenting with healing and communicating through piano improvisation.

She released her first offical solo piano album “Life” in 2016, two singles in 2018 and the second official solo piano album “Hope” in 2019. She freqently holds special concerts combining meditation and piano music at various venues including concert halls, museums, corporates and retreat centers in Korea. She runs ‘SOUM(Studio Of Urban Meditation) in Seoul, Korea and teaches Meditation and Arts therapy at the Korea National University of Arts. She is an author of the self-help book “I Let Myself Heal” published in 2014.

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