Joshua Tomsik

Joshua Tomsik

Planet Earth

From the time I first touched the keys when I was six years old, I was never good at practicing or performing. I constantly wanted to quit piano lessons. This went on for almost 10 years. Minimal effort. Slow progress. Most teachers would have given up on me. In fact, I’ve heard from many that their teachers did give them the ultimatum of shape up or ship out.

But I was lucky. My teacher, Mr. Harvey, took a different approach. Instead of just letting me limp along or telling me to work harder he adapted his teaching to my interests. Instead of drills and sonatas, he decided to teach me how to arrange and compose my own music.

Because of that small decision, here I am. I was not accepted in university to music composition because ‘I was not a good enough performer’ and didn’t fit their mold. So since then, everything has been self-taught. My only goal is to sit and make music from my heart that I love to listen to, and if a handful of you happen to like it as well, I promise I won’t tell anyone.

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