Heath Vercher

Heath Vercher

Houston, TX

Heath began his musical career prior to his teens where his experiments with music creation led him to the discovery of what would be a driving force in his life. It was not until he was around 16 that he gave his first public performance.

These first steps were of course not pleasant but Heath kept working and in the not too many years since has turned these beginnings into a blossoming career.

During his formative years, Heath gained some influences from some great performers, notably Jim Brickman, Yanni, David Lanz, Billy Joel, Marc Cohen, and Bruce Hornsby. Though some of Heath’s playing style could be attributed to these influences, his style is a combination of New Age and Contemporary musical genres that stands on its own.

Heath’s performances span both worlds where in-world he has performed to crowds online in over 300 appearances. Heath has performed at hundreds of shows for both his original music and other musical projects, both private and public.

Music is meant to move people, and we hope that the music you find here at Heartspark Music will do just that. We invite you to listen, explore, and discover music that will touch you, inspire you, and move you to a higher place.

Yours in Music, as in Life.

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