Erik Slättberg

Erik Slättberg


“It seems that I could never choose a specific style of playing, and ironically that became my style of playing. I believe that the personal expression has to have a place in order to respond to the listeners own emotions, which is why my most touching tracks are always genre-bending”

Erik Slättberg is a pianist that explores the borders between jazz, pop, folk and classical music. With piano as his instrument, he creates music with a lot of intimacy, warmth and personal touch.

The music starts in the spirits of improvisation, and the expression itself always has the first seat. Sometimes the music has little intensity, sometimes not. Sometimes the expression is grand, sometimes it is calm and meditative.

Erik have released two solo piano albums through his own label Music With Erik, and several new piano singles will be released during the second half of 2019.

Erik also curates several playlist for solo piano tracks, and you can find them in the artist profile, or the most popular one below:
Monthly Piano With Erik


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