• New Album 2024 - Notes from my next solo piano music….

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    Within just a few short weeks, I’ll be releasing my new solo piano album, Top Piano Hits by James Lazzeroni, to the world. This project has been a long labor of love. I am ready to release this my new piano work, let it go, and move on with my life.

    I am so THANKFUL to God for my life… and for filling my heart and hands with music, piano music. He has been so good to me… to my Family.

    And so, now that we are only a month or so out before many of you begin to hear this piano music (February 20th, 2024), I thought I would share the liner notes with you… this will give you a little insight into the album and the solo piano music it contains.

    I have always been rather prolific when it comes to writing solo piano music. No matter where I am in life or how busy I am, I can’t seem to stop the flow of new material that comes bursting from my soul.

    The road was sharp and flat, black and white, and held together by one thing: the Piano.

    For me, music feels a little like a dream. It follows me, haunts me, and keeps me in touch with another world. Melodies dance in my unconscious, and a piano song is just my attempt to make conscious sense of them.

    My next album Top Piano Hits by James Lazzeroni contains my #5 top solo piano compositions determined based on total streams, spins, sales, and concert requests.