• Dormire - February’s release

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    ​Dormire is track 2/12 of my year long piano series. Each month I will be releasing a new piano piece of music, played on the Una Corda vst.

    The track name means sleep as that is what I had in mind when creating the piece (well actually a lack of sleep is what I had!).

    The first section is lighter and more alive sounding, this connotes when you first try to fall asleep but are still trying to clear your head with all the sudden thoughts that always appear at night.

    Moving on to the second section, is when you're in a deep slumber. I used sweeping broken chords on the lower end of the piano as well as moved the simple melodic phrase down an octave too.

    Finally things get a little more light again as you're leaving the deep state and your body is getting ready to wake up.

    Enjoy :)

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