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    When a composer decides to create an album, there are usually a couple different thought processes involved. Is it a “think piece/concept creation” or a “collection of songs” under a loose theme? My approach is, and always has been, the latter.

    I am not a big fan of deadlines nor do I consider myself clever enough that I feel confident with creating a “conceptual” piece of work. I especially do not like the idea of writing songs simply to have an album. I do not know how many times I have spoken to pianists who say, “I have got to hurry up and write a couple more songs to finish my album - before my studio time is finished”. The songs, in my opinion, are an “album” of their own. Maybe a singular piece of music, but a veritable “album” of thoughts and emotions and experiences and sweat and tears and hardship and celebration. And then, when there is enough of those singular “albums”, in essence, you have created a universe in which many things have been created and flourished. Row upon row of colors and magic. Stacks of memories, successes and setbacks. But most importantly, an evolution of the human spirit.

    Three years ago, I decided to go solo with my performing career and say “goodbye” to the music industry that had been so good to me materially, but had taken the soul from me, to a new life of spiritual renewal and sobriety. It made sense, at that time, to take the songs of the past 25 years that I’d written, and, in an almost “therapeutic” act of self-healing, record them. That album was meant to be glimpses of my childhood and young adult life and I had the desire to tell my stories along with playing the songs. That album was called “November”. I finished the work on the album during recovery and the corresponding two years of concerts as I was healing mentally, spiritually and physically. The success of this album worldwide was unexpected, to say the least. People have told me how certain songs have affected them. They also affect me. People have told me how they connect with me to my stories and how alike we actually all are. I have also come to this realization. We, all of us, are climbing our own separate mountain, we, all of us, search for acceptance in a critical world, security and love in an environment that is bent on ignoring the weak and feeding the strong, and searching for a reason to live, in a world that often appears hopeless. These ties that bind us are much, much stronger than what divides us. The divine spark that unites us is so much greater than the evil that tears us apart. And this is why I decided to put a new collection of pieces together and call them “Calix Meus Inebrians”. My cup overflows. I am drunk with blessings.

    While “November” was the journey from my past to my recent present, I would say “Calix Meus Inebrians” is more about my journey the past couple of years, the best of my life, to now. With a couple glances back at tragic times that turned into blessings like “Reunion” and “St. Stephen’s Day”, a forward look into the future with “Remember Me” - a piece I would like played at my funeral and which includes my choral work “A Swiss Psalm of Thanksgiving” in the middle of it - to rocking songs like “Honey In The Rock” and “Thunder In The Mountain” to just show all you folks I have not forgotten my roots in foot stomping folk and country gospel, to emotional pieces such as “Like The Mist You Drift Away”, which I dedicated to my friend Klaudia, and the song “Everything’s Fine” dedicated to my dear friend, Henri, who has been such a source of strength to me and to my niece Amelie, to whom “Wildflower” was written.

    The good folks in my choirs in Wetswil and Jona Switzerland who have sung under my direction for all these years and have become more like family than just colleagues, to so many fans around the world who write to my website or social media platforms - these are great sources of inspiration. But, in general, I wanted to release “Calix Meus Inebrians” during a time when I think it may be needed. During World War I and II, families found great comfort listening to music and listeners theatre on the radio. Roosevelt himself kept sports going as he realized the need for morale. But people found comfort, Hope and solace in these things. The difference today is that there is not much to “rally” around patriotically. The government and experts don’t seem to have the answers due to the fact we haven’t seen anything like what is happening now, ever in our lifetime. But we do have each other to support and find comfort in and with. The world has a common enemy and we are united by this. None of us will leave these days unscathed. None of us are immune to the danger nor are any of us confident about the future. One day we will indeed die. But till that time, we are still very much alive. And not beaten. Not yet, not ever. “Calix Meus Inebrians” is a celebration of the blessings we do have, and are surrounded by every minute of every day. We are, all of us, brothers and sisters and the heirs to such an amazing earth. This good earth. And we, none of us, are alone. We never were. I have seen many instances of selflessness in these times and it moves me. I have seen many instances of selfishness in these times as well. But on a much lesser scale. This past year, living in Switzerland, I have been encouraged and astounded more times than I can count at the generosity of the people and the consideration people give to each other. I see on the news similar and opposite stories, but I have been profoundly touched by the grace and elegance of those here in my adopted home. I dedicate this album to the people of Switzerland. Gods own acre. Where a phone call to heaven is a “local” phone call, and heart felt gratitude for all that the people of this country have done for me. I am truly blessed. This album is my offering to you.


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