• Shorter Days and Longer Nights

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    The shorter days and longer nights are a musicians dream. The setting provides for a multitude of writing opportunities and bringing compositions up to speed. Currently, I’m taking the opportunity to analyze my works and find which pieces should be a staple in my performances. During this process I completed the live streaming trifecta by going live on Pandora’s platform. You may have already heard I was on Spotify and IHeart radio under J.K. Hodge.

    Preparation has begun for 2/11/21s virtual performance for the West Islip Library as I do your favorite Love Songs on piano. This can be heard on Facebook under the page J.K. Hodge or the West Islip Library page. It is my hope this finds you well and that I have the chance to reward you for the loyalty you’ve showed me over the years by being a fan.

    All The Best,

    Maestro J.K. Hodge

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