• Rainbows Of Hope

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    2020 has produced a bizarre contrast - a global crisis that unleashed amazing responses: caring community spirit; determination and resilience; and artistic creativity. I’m 67 with a heart condition, so although I’m not in the highest risk categories, I do feel very vulnerable. The restrictions in lock down and the social limitations that continue inspired me to write a lot more music than I had planned!

    Rainbows Of Hope is a collection of 17 tracks that were my attempt to capture some of the positive human strengths and virtues that are getting us through this challenging time.

    Each track was written to reflect a particular characteristic: Acceptance, Hope, Peace, Courage, etc.

    The album will be released on 18th September 2020. It starts, and ends, with two different versions of Hope. It has helped me get through this difficult period; I hope you also get some comfort and joy from the music.