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    It’s good to be here and I’ve missed writing about my comings and goings. The new release is finally on it’s way and maybe available as early as next week on digital platforms. Writing the music is the easy part but putting together everything from artwork to what digital platforms you want your music to land on is the difficult part. How many compact discs should I have out there because nowadays cars don’t have CD players. I have read the best sound quality is still on compact disc. For this new release of 6 songs I chose to do 75% of finished material on disc and 25% digitally. I have secured publishing rights for the new works and will have the option of cards for downloading the music. Many of you have asked where you can hear me play and my next performance will be at the Bayport-Bluepoint Library 7/9/19 7 pm as I will play live to Silent Film. I do have a few outdoor events that I will tell you about in a few weeks. Would love to hear how you are doing so please feel free to say hello at jkhodge1@yahoo.com. Thank you for the support and can’t wait to hear your feedback on the new music.

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