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    ​I am one step closer to releasing new music after a solid recording session with Digital Mission Audio Services. Paul Vazquez the owner and operator of Digital Mission recently celebrated with The Crossing on their Choral Performance Grammy. I am honored to have Paul record my new EP that is on pace to be released June 1st. It may be released sooner as we are already deep into the editing stage. The design for the EP is quite unique and compliments the theme of the new music. The release will take into account the 10th annual Montauk Music Festival. I will once again be performing out in Montauk and will decide to have the production moved up or held into June. It would be really cool to have new music available for purchase at the Festival. Leave your schedules open for this incredible revolving 4 day concert as it never disappoints. May 16th kicks things off with the opening party and the main stage this year will be at the Montauk Lighthouse. Non stop jamming with all sorts of performances by many different genres of music. The artists that have been chosen are quite accomplished and know how to entertain. I’m paired up with some guitar strings (Jacob Levesque) and we have been playing together over a year now. We will not disappoint you and always excited for the chance to play for you. Thanks once again for your support and hope to see you out in Montauk. If, you can’t make the trip I’m going to bring the EP home quite soon.

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