• A few weeks later

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    It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention, and as I progress down this path I find that more and more to be true. I confess that I wasn’t entirely honest in my first entry: I didn’t quite choose to leave my comfortable church job. I was presented with a changed and amended job description by the new “personal committee”. Most of the changes I could live with, but the sticking point was that I could no longer take time off beyond the allotted four weeks in the summer.

    I know…first world problems. Many of you with more traditional 9-5 jobs (if anyone is indeed reading this) are probably laughing. It’s challenging though, being a musician and cobbling together a living. So, yes, I ultimately made the decision to leave, but it was forced upon me a bit earlier than I would have liked.

    Anyway, onward and upward! I’m going to be performing at several locations in Texas in September (a new state for me!). My wife, Heather (yes, as in “Heather’s Processional” and “Heather’s Song”) has a real job down there for a few weeks and I get to tag along. :) As always, I will post all public performances at williamogmundson.com.

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