• May 2010 - Unreasonable Happiness

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    "Unreasonable Happiness" has been one of my favorite terms since I first heard it many years ago. There are two things main things that I like about it. One is that it immediately got me thinking about how most of the time there are "reasons" to be happy or not happy. And the Second is the questioning of "where does happiness really come from". To explore the concept or possibility of experiencing happiness for now apparent or tangible "reason" is very liberating. And I’ve actually spent a fair amount of time working with this idea. Funny thing is that the subtle "unreasonable" reasons to be happy start becoming more and more tangible. Like "I feel happy just because I feel good". Or "I’m happy because I’m in touch with my Self" of "because I’m feeling connected to something larger than my ego". It takes the emphasis off of circumstances in a huge way. A couple other of favorite phrases are "Losing your mind and coming to your senses" and "No matter where you go, there you are".

    There’s been a lot going on in the world (and my world) for many months now and things seem to be moving so fast that I’ve had a hard time being able to focus on just one subject for a blog and have, as a result, started and stopped writing many blogs over the last few months. With the tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico and President Obama’s administration thinking about loosening the moratorium on Whale hunting for countries like Japan, Iceland and Finland finding my sense of "unreasonable happiness" has been a bit trying lately. With events and issues like this close to my heart on the table it’s sometimes hard to feel good. Negativity, fear and blame have never furthered any good cause but I DO think it’s important to discover why these kinds of things happen and understand how they could be prevented so that they never ever happen again.

    How does one find the balance between doing one’s part to co-create a healthy and balanced future for our children and at the same time find the necessary peace and joy in one’s daily life? Perhaps I just answered my own question. In first finding the peace, presence and joy of my inner experience I am then prepared to create or initiate change in my environment and world. Does anything really positive come from feeling bad? I know I’m sometimes sick to my stomach about what’s going on in the Gulf of Mexico. And the thought of seeing my beloved whale friends harpooned and cut into pieces makes me nauseous and angry as well. But can I really function effectively and clearly from that place of pain and anger? No, I can’t.

    I find more and more in my life that regardless of what’s going on externally, my inner and personal experience has it’s own life and reality. I can be in a terrible mood for one reason or another, often a really good reason, and then go do yoga for 90 minutes and my entire mood and perspective has shifted to a very positive and present one without anything changing in my circumstantial world. I can also be having a great day for hours and hours and then suddenly a thought enters my mind and my whole mood and enthusiasm for the day collapses around me.

    Is it possible to effectively deal with overwhelming world and environmental events from a place of centered inner peace? Can one feel empathy and compassion for all the many creatures and situations pleading for help and care while not losing the awareness and experience of the perfect chaos of this world? Yes and yes!

    Actually I see this as my main mission or objective in this life. It all begins with my relationship with my Self and my Essence (or God, Universe, the Force, All That Is) then my relationship with my family and friends, my music, my work, my activism, and so on. It’s as complicated as "how to bring balance and peace to the world" and as simple as "how to take my next breath". It’s as mysterious as trying to comprehend the origins and depth of the Universe and as plain as holding a door open for someone or picking up a cigarette butt from the sand on the beach. It’s as daunting as "how to bring my music to as many people in the world as possible" and as intimate as softly, gently playing just one note on the piano and letting it ring in it’s glory as I intently, patiently listen until the last whispering shimmer of it’s overtones have become inaudible to my ear.

    Alright . . . enough waxing philosophic. Right now I’m in California. Been here for almost 2 weeks. It’s been cold in CA and cloudy too. Missing Maui quite a bit but happy to be furthering my career and getting my music out there. Having meetings in LA with film people letting everyone know that I’m really into scoring for film, ready and available to work, and making some new friends in the process. Doing about 13 concerts in the next month or so between California, Colorado, Virginia and North Carolina. Many of which are with my long time friend, Tibetan Flutist, Nawang Khechog. We haven’t performed together in many years and this is the first little tour he’s made since dealing with some very serious health issues over the last couple years. I’ve got a few solo gigs, some at New Thought churches and others at concert halls. Visiting with family and old friends and doing my best to stay in touch with my Self.

    I’ll write another blog from the road in the next few weeks. Check out the new updates and tour schedule on my website www.peterkater.com .

    Wishing you all the very best,


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