• The Horizon

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    Audiovisual project on sculpture at Metrònom, Barcelona, and International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Almería, Spain, 2006

    L’horitzó (in English: The Horizon) is a multimedia installation by Manuel Solà, Ralph Zurmuhle and other artists. It is focused around a sculpture. If a sculpture is by definition something solid with a stable foundation, the steel sculpture in this installation is contradictory: it appears to float above the floor. The sculpture is constructed with typographic characters, causing it to lose its traditional wholeness in favour of a "misreading". These tangled characters interrupt linear dialogue and intentionally create a discourse, which is broken and dismantled. A video is projected over the sculpture, which includes a poem by Guillem Feliu. The poem is dismantled by the profile of the letters. The verses and the suggestion of the characters reinforce a sense of ambiguity. When we read, we introduce ourselves into the mind of another. In doing so, we split ourselves or become for a moment a shadow of ourselves. L’Horitzó represents "the world that each individual must build for himself." It is an illusionary place that is past, present and future simultaneously in its development and is seemingly unattainable. L’Horitzó is the utopia that we should never let go of, but at the same time remains always just beyond our reach.

    Video: Belén López and Pol Rodríguez
    Music: Ralph Zurmuhle

    Video clip

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