• Contemporary Pianist Donovan Johnson To Tour Washington and Oregon

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    Donovan Johnson, a "New Age" pianist based in Omaha Nebraska, will be travelling to Washington and Oregon to begin his touring season for 2013. He’ll arrive in Spokane on Friday March 15th to perform a house concert with another nationally recognized pianist, Lynn Yew Evers. From there, he’ll make his way to Seattle, Tacoma, Portland OR, Eugene OR and Florence OR.

    Donovan says this is just the beginning of everything he has planned for 2013. "I’m very blessed to have many opportunities to perform. The phone is ringing, and I’m going to go with it!" He says that people are interested in house concerts now more than ever. "House concerts are gaining in popularity as people discover how much fun they really are. You can have a concert right in the privacy of your own home. Get up close and personal with the artist, and enjoy the music in an intimate setting. It’s a meet and greet and a concert all wrapped up in the same experience! These types of concerts are really beginning to make some waves on the east coast, where people are taking the house concert trend pretty seriously!"

    Donovan will be performing at five different house concerts while on the west coast, and with several other Contemporary pianists, all of them nationally recognized. "I’ll be performing with Lynn Yew Evers, Rhonda Mackert, Renee Michele and Cathy Oakes of Nashville TN, In addition, I’ll be performing for Kathy Parson’s who hosts her own house concert series for the solo piano genre, and runs the well known web site "Mainly Piano" for people who compose in this style of music. I’m thrilled to be a part of it!"

    Donovan says this trip is going to be different from other tours he’s taken before. "Last year I had the pleasure of touring the south with Richard Carr (St. Louis) in July, and Kai Miano (Bad Hamburd, Germany) in September. We covered TX, MS, LA, TN, AL, NC and MO before making our way back to Omaha. This time I’ll be travelling by myself and hooking up with other piano players along the way. I’m excited to meet them, and always look forward to working with others that share the same vision I do. I want the world to know about this movement in music, because it really has little to do with the music at all!

    The artists that Donovan is going to be working with are a part of his online radio station, "Enlightened Piano Radio." Donovan says the radio station is a platform to promote the work of others who compose original piano music in the modern world. "These are some of the kindest, most accepting people one could ever hope to meet. They don’t carry a Spirit of musical criticism, they embrace the unique abilities that we all possess, and they share them with each other. All of us can learn from this. Whether we’re musical or not, it’s a principle that we can all learn from and use in our day to day circumstances. Contemporary pianists are working hard to change the minds and lives of others in relation to piano music, and the world we live in. All of us deserve that much."

    Donovan describes the actual concerts as fun and relaxed, entertaining for all the ages. The music, he says, varies from meditative to invigorating. And he likes to tell stories behind the pieces. "People like to know where the songs came from. What was the experience that led to the creating of the piece? What was the thought process, or the life lesson that brought the music into the world? Writing music is a Spiritual experience for me, and I see our "Enlightened Piano" concerts as being much more than just concerts. They’re experiences that people can take with them for a lifetime."

    For more information on Donovan Johnson and his upcoming tour dates, please check out his website at www.donovanjohnson.net, and Enlightened Piano Radio at www.enlightenedpiano.com.

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