Allen James Teague

Allen James Teague

Allen James Teague began the quest of mastering the musical talent within, at the tender age of 2 when he was presented with a miniature grand piano as a birthday gift from his beloved mother. With only 2 1/2 octaves at his curiosity, he quickly moved to an organ located in the spare bedroom. Fascinated by the rich and intense quality produced, he made a lifelong commitment to his passion of music, and his innate ability to create it. Since then, Mr. Teague has played piano with world class musicians in most of the United States, much of Europe, Great Britain, and Canada. To the tune of a few thousand performances.

Other than his love of music, above all else Allen loves people. Always in the mood for conversation, he utilizes his captivating draw to learn of the rich and diverse experiences shared. Later, over coffee by the banks of Priest Lake, he transitions these stories into composition that take flight in the form of articulate contemporary sounds, tastefully entwined with the haunting quality of epic pieces from days gone by.

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