Elizabeth Anne Middleton

Elizabeth Anne Middleton

Santa Barbara, California,

Elizabeth Anne Middleton and PIANORAMA

Elizabeth Anne Middleton composes and performs piano music. Elizabeth grew up in the Flint Hills area of Kansas. She has played piano since she was old enough to sit at the piano and began studying at the age of six.

She studied piano with Nigel Coxe and earned a music degree from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Mass. Inspired by her work with the Iroquois Confederacy in the 1970s, Elizabeth first began writing songs about animals and the natural world, a theme that continues in her music today. She has recorded ten albums so far of her solo piano music called PIANORAMA, musical landscapes of nature, water, trees, places, events, dreams and special people, and describes it as “visual piano music for your soul’s eyes.” 

Elizabeth gives solo concerts of her piano music, telling entertaining stories about her compositions and what inspired them. She teaches piano and works with several musicians in Santa Barbara, CA, and collaborates with musicians around the world.


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