David Henderson

David Henderson

Ojai, CA

I am now living in Ojai, CA. I am beginning to share my compositions that were once numerous dots on lines and spaces. But now they have become much more. They are musical ventures that through the piano as a medium I am able to express to you the stories of my life these past few years.

Artist Blog

  • Composer’s Blog #3

    I discovered a book at one of our campsites. On the front cover it read, "Please do not burn me or any part of me. I am history for all to…

  • Composer’s Blog #2

    I have never been able to juggle anything (especially professions). I hadn’t taken the time to think about what it meant to be a pianist and composer. I’ve been bouncing between…

  • Composer’s Blog #1

    Now that I am sitting down to write about my adventures I realized, that it may have seemed like I disappeared from the world for a couple years. You’d be surprised…

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