(The) Rise
  • Released: February 8, 2023
  • 1 track(s)

When I composed (THE) RISE in early April 2020, we were still in the middle of a lockdown and I wanted to express the desire to heal. If SPRING WILL COME represented the attainment of a new consciousness, (THE) RISE was a first premature attempt to realize it: from a cloud of sounds moving in an incessant crescendo emerges a voice, at first almost muffled and then increasingly clear, seeking a chant to symbolize the longed-for goal. The invitation was to focus on a spark of hope and to keep faith in a better future, despite the difficulties of the present; at the same time, it was an encouragement, just at a time when it was easy to feel overwhelmed by challenges, to create one's own destiny, looking at the world with fresh eyes and thus empowering ourselves to be able to recognize the opportunities that present themselves. These days, if the news from Ukraine and Iran, among others, were not enough, hour after hour comes that of a frightening earthquake in Turkey with thousands of victims and people in the streets, and entire villages razed to the ground. It is normal to feel annihilated by sadness and anguish, yet never more important than in these moments to not look away from hope and confidence. It is extraordinary to observe the effort of the international community, already present with countless teams of volunteers, working to provide help and support to those in need, and I recall what I was writing online in the very days when I was releasing the first version of (THE) RISE: "[...] it’s too soon to cry victory, we must be patient and wait, confident that it might take time but, at some point along the line we will “Rise” again."

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