Fazioli’s Caress

Hakan A. Toker

Genres: Contemporary & Modern, Classical

Fazioli’s Caress
  • Released: July 16, 2021
  • 15 track(s)

“On the night of November 20, 2020, I was finishing a 3-day-long intense recording sesson where I had recorded 7 albums and 23 singles on a delicious F308 Fazioli grand piano at Işık University, Şile Campus, Turkey. I sat down one last time at the F308 and improvised freely, without any given themes, saying good-bye to it in my own way. This became the 8th album of the session which I later named “Fazioli’s Caress” because I was particularly exploring the tender-touch aspect of the instrument in a playful and positive mood.

I dedicate this album to engineer and pianist Mr. Paolo Fazioli, founder of the Fazioli Piano Company and I thank him and his team for producing these wonderfully inspiring instruments that make life so much easier and enjoyable for us pianists.”